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Features Bill Pay | What You Need to Enroll | How to Enroll

TCB Online Banking is a secure site, with simple navigation and accessible help. You can view your up to date account balances and history, then transfer funds and pay your bills. And there is more. Experience Online Banking yourself in a demo. Below are all the features of Online Banking in detail.

Secure site  – Online Banking is a secure site, which encrypts account information, so that it is only available to authorized users. TCB provides you with a confidential access ID and password to access your accounts. The software may recognize your PC as another form of authentication.

Balances – The first page in Online Banking shows all your TCB account balances, the date, and a login stamp. The subsequent account pages provide more detailed information such as current balances, available balances, and balances at the time of the last statement.

History – Online Banking provides you with a detailed transaction history for each account. There is a search function for finding specific transactions, and the ability to download transactions into Quicken, QuickBooks, Microsoft Money, or Excel.

Transfers – Online Banking allows you to schedule or execute transfers from one account to another. It also displays a list of scheduled transfers as a reminder.

Bill Pay  – Online Banking permits you to build and manage a list of payees, make payments, and view the history of these transactions.
Experienced Online Banking users can  demo Bill Pay by itself. New users can demo Bill Pay and Online Banking together Enrollment in Bill Pay  is free, but only possible through Online Banking.

Stop Payment  – Online Banking provides a form that allows you to specify an item on which you would like to stop payment.

Administration – Online Banking has forms that allow you to change your password, email address, and login security data. It also allows you to name your accounts for preferred viewing.

Help – There is a help menu to describe all relevant elements of Online Banking. There are also answers to frequently asked questions.

Navigation – The Online Banking site displays a fixed series of buttons across the top that allows you to move between the different pages with ease and understanding.

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What You Need to Enroll
checking or savings account with TCB
account number
social security number
email address

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How to Enroll in Online Banking

  1. Click on the Enroll link here or in the top-left section of the margin
  2. Submit the First Time User Information form
    • enter name, email, and social security
    • enter TCB account information
    • create security question and answer
  3. Receive Welcome letter in the mail
  4. Sign Welcome letter, and return it through the mail
  5. Receive access ID in the mail
  6. Receive temporary password in an email
  7. Log in with access ID and temporary password
  8. Change access ID and temporary password, and setup an ID authentication profile 

How to Enroll in Bill Pay
1. Log in to Online Banking
2. Click the Enroll in Bill Pay button in the menu
2. Enter your Online Banking Access ID and Password
3. Accept terms & conditions
4. Start using Bill Pay

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